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The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) is the Australian Government body responsible for protecting Australia’s sporting integrity through the elimination of doping.

ASADA is Australia’s national anti-doping organisation established in 2006 by the Australian Government. The role is to develop a sporting culture in Australia that is free from doping, and where an athlete’s performance is purely dependent on talent, determination, courage and honesty.

Australia is at the forefront of international efforts to tackle doping in sport along with collaborating with foreign National Anti-Doping Organisations, the World Anti-Doping Agency and other stakeholders to influence the anti-doping agenda and further the Australian Government’s efforts to harmonise anti-doping practices internationally.

ASADA Website

Table Tennis Australia's Anti-Doping Policy

Table Tennis Australia's Anti-Doping Policy is adopted and implemented by the national sporting administration body in accordance with ASADA’s and the sporting administration body‟s responsibilities to eradicate doping in sport in Australia. This anti-doping policy contains rules governing the conditions under which our sport is played.

TTA Anti-Doping Policy

ASADA eLearning Course

Level 1 Anti-Doping Course Click Here 

This course provides you with the opportunity to develop your knowledge of anti-doping. The interactive course comprises of six modules and an assessment. Total time to complete this course is approximately 70 minutes.

A certificate is issued upon completion of the course and the final survey.