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There are a number of steps to setup your new Email address.

  • Open Outlook Express (OE)
  • Click on "Tools" location on the toolbar at the top of your screen.
  • Click on "Accounts" this will open another windows on top of the OE
  • Click on "ADD" - "Mail"
  • Display name: type in - ie. Your Club name - then press "NEXT"
  • Email address: type in ie. - then press "NEXT"
  • Incoming mail: type in ie.
  • Outcoming mail: type in ie. - then press "NEXT"
  • Account name: (This is the username) ie.
  • Password: type in your password. - then press "NEXT"
  • Press "finished"

PLEASE NOTE: If your service provider is Telstra you will need to change the SMTP to

Once the above has been completed, you are ready to use your email.