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Table tennis is an inclusive sport that caters for people of all ages and physical abilities. Table tennis is also an Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games sport. As the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) for Table tennis we offer quality programs for schools that encourage children to participate in this great sport. Primary schools are eligible to apply for funding to deliver sport before, during or after school. See the links below for more information about the Sporting Schools Program.

The Tops Program is based on the philosophy that any table can be a table tennis table! The Tops Table Tennis Program aims to introduce the sport to young people through a progressive range of fun and innovative table tennis related lessons and activities. The program resources are designed to meet the needs of all teachers regardless of their table tennis knowledge. Resources include lesson plans, activity cards, skill circuits and competition formats.

The Tops Table Tennis Program was developed according to National Curriculum encompassing play, skill development, the game and assessment to ensure complete student development in table tennis. The programme is comprehensive and offers all teachers and coaches an opportunity to learn and teach the fun and dynamic sport of table tennis. It's a five week in school or in club program and can be delivered by an accredited table tennis coach or a teacher within your school with the assistance of Table Tennis Australia. 

For more information on how coaches, teachers, schools, clubs and organisations can deliver the Table Tennis program within Sporting Schools click on the link below

Table Tennis Australia Sporting Schools Program

Sports Australia Sporting Schools Program